The Story

Cycling Tour for 1 year through 12 countries in Africa in 2008/9 as a campaign to combat climate change. Highlight climate change challenges and showcase achievable and innovative solutions in three areas:

Energy – Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Small Hydro)

Mobility – Cycling and public transport

Ecology – Forest Protection & Afforestation (Billion Tree campaign of UNEP)

Fast facts

    • Start April 2008 in Addis Abbeba – Ehtiopia
    • 12 Countries Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South-Africa, Lesotho
    • Distance 11000km with bicycle, Cape Town Europe on Containership, 07.06.2009 Antwerp
    • Natural challenges Heat, Dust, water scarcity, thunderstorms, ice, TseTse Flies, extreme tracks, Mosquitoes, Elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes…
    • Oceans: Indian and Atlantic Ocean
    • Climbed Mts along the way Several including, Simien Mts in Ethiopia, Mt Kenya, Draakensberg
    • Lakes Lake Naivasha, Lake Victoria, Kivu, Albert, Edward, Lake Bunyoni & Malawi
    • Deserts Chalbi, Kalahari, Namib

The Approach

    • Highlight Africa in a positive and progressive way

    • Live stories from adventurous cycling in Africa
    • Exciting activities with focus on:
      Renewable Energy, Mobility and Ecology
    • Visit & support projects and communicate first hand experience internationally
      (Renewable Energy, Mobility and Ecology)
    • Visit and support Afforestation projects (plant min. 10 trees per country UNEP Billion Tree Campaign
    • Collect messages for climate protection from school kids, presented at G8+5 summit 2008
    • Gain new inspiration from different approaches and concepts. Credibility through personal action

Achieved so far

    • Cycled more than 11000km through 12 countries
    • Visited >50 positive projects
      (Renewable Energy, Mobility and Ecology)
    • Planted >1000 indigenous trees so far
    • Held 9 climate workshops in 6 countries and various meetings (at universities, schools, with politicians, social and business communities)
    • >50 appearances on Print or web, Radio, TV + Film trailer Online

Official Partners and Sponsors

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