The Story

The aim of the overland tour has been to get to an internship in India environmentally sound (e.g. no flights) and to promote bicycles and Human Powered Vehicles (HPV) as multi purpose transport option.

The motivation arose from the desire to give an example of alternative transport in our car-dominated world. Because of encountered traffic situations along the way this desire grew even stronger.

The dramatic growth of motorised transport causes severe environmental and health problems all around the globe:

–         Air pollution

–         Global warming

–         Environmental disasters caused by exploitation, transport and refinery of fossil fuels like oil (leaking oil pipes, oil spills from super tankers and so on)

–         Traffic collapse

–         Serious health hazards such as asthma or lung cancer and the lesser recognized problems of noise and stress

Since these problems are worsening every day it is time to take action for alternatives!!!!!!

An instant way of action is riding a bicycle or any other Human Powered vehicle.

The advantages are numerous and are evident instantaneously:

–         No pollution

–         No noise

–         Keeping fit and healthy

–         Very economic

–         Less space required

–         Fossil free

Especially in bigger cities the traffic situation and the quality of life could be improved enormously.

Take your chance and pedal it!!



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