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Planned NZ Route

The Story

Cycling Tour for one year in Eastern Asia and New Zealand with two children in 2016/2017. To convey a Zen message of a balanced life between humans and nature with stories and outdoor experiences of a family on bicycles and child trailer.

Building on our previous campaign momentum, we continue to highlight climate change challenges and showcase achievable and innovative solutions in three areas:

Energy – Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Small Hydro)

Mobility – Cycling and public transport

Ecology – Forest Protection & Afforestation

The Approach

    • Combine family travel & adventurous cycling tour. Showcasing active and mobile outdoor lifestyle with young children in nature.
    • Deliberately take time off from Corporate World to re-focus on family and sustainable lifestyle. Highlight benefits of balanced lifestyle as part of nature.
    • Visit and support Afforestation projects (plant min. 10 trees per country visited)
    • Pledge to reduce our family carbon footprint, by choosing a sustainable mode of transport with children during bike tour. Credibility through personal action.
    • Communicate first-hand experience with focus on balanced lifestyle and Climate Protection (Renewable Energy, Mobility and Ecology) and create local and international media awareness (website, social media, print, radio, TV, online).

Fast facts

    • Start: April 2016 in Osaka, Japan
    • Mode of transport: Overland distance mostly by cycle + boat. CO2 emissions from flights will be compensated for.
    • Zen Countries: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand
    • Natural challenges: Heat, Dust, Water scarcity, Thunderstorms, Snow, Rain, Extreme tracks
    • Mountains & Volcanoes: Volcanoes of Japan and Korea, Yushan Mountain range, Mt Cook National Park, Jeju Island
    • Oceans & Lakes: Sea of Japan, East China Sea, South China Sea, South and North Pacific Ocean, Tasman Sea

Sponsors Thule – Chariot