The Story

Cycling Tour for 4 months through Chile with 5 month old baby in 2011/12. Stories and experiences of early parenthood on the road with bikes and baby trailer. Mobile and active outdoor lifestyle with bicycles.

The Approach

    • Combining early parenthood & adventurous cycling tour

    • Showcasing outdoor lifestyle with small baby

    • Living and travelling on a bicycle with a baby

    • Sustainable mode of transport with baby during bike tour

Fast facts

    • Start: October 2011 in Santiago de Chile

    • Distance: ~2000 km by cycle + public transport

    • National Parks: Conguilio, Torres del Paine

    • Roads: Carretera Austral, Panamericana & side roads

    • Mountains: Andes, Chilenean Switzerland, Villarica, Osorno Vulcanoes

    • Lake area around Puerto Montt & South Pacific Ocean

    • Patagonia

Sponsors Thule – Chariot