The never ending packing

In a hurry I am picking up some bulky clothes from the ground. I squeeze them into various travel bags. Hectic I grab more stuff but it seems all in vain. The piles keep growing. Undefined stuff – some for myself, some for the rest of my family. It is all scattered around me. In […]

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It’s time to celebrate!

2019 was a success for the climate movement and for our future! The Fridays for Future movement has established a huge rise in awareness and a constant presence of the climate crisis in the media, worldwide. Thanks to Greta and the striking youth around the world, who have been giving up up to 20% of […]

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Fukushima Tree planting and other environmental impact updates!!

A big thank you again to the generous donours for the tree planting activities in Fukushima, Japan!!! Here some updates and pictures. Some of you might remember our volunteering activities last year July with Tochigi Conservation Corps (TCC) and its sister organisation Fukushima Conservation Corps (FCC). Our exciting forest conservation activities included invasive bamboo species cutting and […]

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