43km to Russia, a wild Fox and Deers so close you could touch them.

When we reached Japan’s northernmost point at Cape Soya, we could not only see Sakhalin Island (Russia) across the sea in 43km distance, but almost touch a smart and cunning fox within arms length.

Cunning Fox at our Tent

Smart Fox

He fox was roaming around looking for food and knew that people often left things or probably even fed the fox.

If that wasn’t enough there were dozens of largw Sica Deers grazing just meters away from us. There were several large male ones sporting inpressive antlers.

Wild Deers so close

Wild Deers so close

Japan impresses us again and again: Magnicificient mountains, coasts, forests, lakes and the freedom to camp almost anywhere often for free, wildlife very nice and polite people and of course gorgeous hotsprings and food.

Deers not cows. Wild Hokkaido

Another magic day in Hokkaido, Japan.