Have you ever seen a little Blue Penguin?

Bronnie at Melbourne Ecocentre

Our Warmshowers host Bronnie showed me and Amaya the great Ecocentre in Melbourne. Among other things Bronnie’s work there includes lectures on sustainable living and environmental topics. The Ecocentre has been active in a diverse range of environmemtal topics since more than 20 years. The Melbourne based NGO started with conservation issues in Melbourne’s coastal areas. Melbourne’s Port Philip Bay is the home the World’s smallest penguins. These very cute fellows are called little Blue Penguins and can be easily seen within city beaches.

Little Blue Penguin nesting

Bronnie and her colleagues now also showcase a wide selection of innovative green solutions, ranging from energy efficient building practices to water management to green gardening. One solution Amaya and I really liked was an efficient composting unit that produces high quality soil. It was also dubbed the Worm Farm and can be easily set up in urban backyards.

The Ecocentre is actively walking the talk, and their centre in the St Kilda botanical gardens of Melbourne is  housed in a building that features many green solutions and technologies ranging from solar power to smart natural lighting installations to grey water collection and usage.

We are planning now to team up with Bronnie and her colleagues to support planting of indigenous trees.

Two thumbs up to Bronnie and the Ecocentre team!!! 

Click here to find out more on their website.