Preschool sustainability sharing session

Today we were invited for a sharing session with the kindergarten children at PMI, Amaya’s and Tayanika’s preschool in Singapore. First we discussed about the three symbols of our logo: the bicycle, the sun and the tree. The children shared their thoughts around trees, such as shade from sun and rain, source for paper, haze and burning trees and escaping animals, fruits and nuts, oxygen and even falling branches. The children could also touch and feel our solar powered desk light. And we discussed about coloured electricity wires, carbon emissions, lightning and the many uses of electricity such as light, fridges or ceiling fan. Amiram showed a picture from our Encyclopedia on large solar power installations. And then despite a light drizzling rain we went outside to inspect the bicycles with the trailer, where the children will be sitting during the Tour. Finally we planted our less than a year old Jackfruit tree seedling, that we had nurtured from the fruit itself, had seen it germinating and had observed it growing to a 50 cm tall little tree. Now it will be taken care by the children from PMI. It was Amaya’s and Tayanika’s first tree planting! Special indeed as they could share it with their friends.

Our last few days and weeks are pretty full, but we still managed to participate in 2 outstanding runs: and green corridor 10 km challenges. And of course we invited friends and colleagues to our good bye party, that was combined with Amaya’s pre-birthday party. Sad and happy moments…. Countdown 10, 9…….