Sparkling sun and tropical fruit festival


Large volcanoes and fiery red flowering trees formed the backdrop aganst a sparkling sun and passing clouds as we made our way to our guest house. Ragna and Amaya were still recovering but the spring like temperatues and relaxed and friendly people made our arrival in the centre of San Jose gentle and balmy.

“Look, there is a huge banana growing!” I exclaimed excitedly. I had been longing for tropical fruits in winterly Germany. What a bliss it was to see a huge banana growing in our garden, and to get loads of locally grown papayas, pinapples, grenadillas and many other fruits. While the kids and Ragna lounged by the pool, I was energised by this stream of new impressions and made a plan to find two e-bikes for us.

Rather than to follow in the old ways of expat living, which includes buying or renting a car or motobike, we are planning to ride bicycles. It might seem more difficult at first in the hot and mountainous rural areas of Costa Rica, but we belive that e-bikes provide a great solution and that it is much more fun and sustainable.

More about our quest to keep riding bicycles to be continued.